This site I made so that I could show everyone the best games that I can find.  Try them out!

 Here is a list of all the games on my site.


Bot Arena 2 is about how you create a team of bots to fight the other bots in tournaments and win the final battle.


 Bot Arena 3 is about how you create a team of bots but unlike Bot Arena 2 you can control and follow other bots.  There are also challenges were you fight equal or harder competition.



Feudalism is about how you recruit an army to fight with you to take over the world by traveling to citys and fighting them all while having raids attacking you.

Play Feudalism


Pandemic 2 is about how you choose your class and try to kill the whole world with different symptoms. Tip dont let the humans shut everything down.

Play Pandemic 2


Sea of Fire 2 is about how a band of snake worshippers try to take over the world but you must fight back.

Sea of Fire 2


Gem Craft is about how you must use gems to destroy the monsters.



Shift 2 and Shift 3 are about how you manuver through levels then shift to the white or the black areas to make it through the level.

SHIFT 2        SHIFT 3


Grid 16 is about how you use basic gaming skills to progress to different score multipliers


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